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Plus or Minus

March 10, 2011

Hockey coaches use a metric called a players “plus/minus” ratio.  It keeps track of how often your team scores when you are on the ice, and how often the other team does.  You get one “plus” every time you’re on the ice for your team’s goal, and a “minus” for every time you’re out there when the other team scores.  Even though it might not seem that intuitive, over time it appears to be an excellent indicator of how good a hockey player you are.  Hold that thought.

I was at one of my clients’ Annual Meeting last weekend.  Their keynote speaker was a really interesting and compelling presenter named Eric Wahl, who does presentations on The Art of Vision.  Among quite a few insights Eric shared (while he was painting some pretty impressive art at the same time, but that’s another post…) he said that because of the recognizable smell and soothing associations, sniffing Crayola crayons has been shown to lower high blood pressure.  Who knew??


Pop quiz:  How many of you feel a little stressed from time to time at work?  Hmm – almost all of you.  That’s interesting.  How many of you think your bosses are adding to or reducing your stress level?  What’s that?  They ALL are adding to it?  They think it’s their job to stress you out???  That doesn’t sound right.   Shouldn’t they be helping to reduce your stress?

OK – you fearless leaders out there.  I challenge you to poll your staff through an anonymous survey and find out what your plus/minus ratio is.  You get a point for everyone who says when you’re around or they talk to you, their stress level goes down.  You lose a point every time someone responds that you’re adding to their stress.

Magenta, anyone???