Bob Kreha, PMP, Founder of FifthDiscipline, LLC

I have been in the IT Consulting, Construction and Energy industries for 28 years – as technologist, project manager, team leader and executive – learning powerful and sometimes painful lessons along the way. I have also read quite a few thought-provoking business and leadership books in the past ten years that I wish I had read approximately 27 years ago (but I would have been too arrogant and self-assured at the time to give them much credence anyway).

Nevertheless, as I read excellent books like Primal Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and The Fifth Discipline, I see that there can be purpose, structure and methodology to accompany the gut feel and passion that most decent managers have and frequently use as their compass. I also see that there are lots of pretenders out there who can do great harm to companies and teams by intimidating, bullying and shutting down dialogue, and then assuming that the opposing thought they don’t hear doesn’t exist.

I don’t have all the answers – no one does. That’s the beauty of complex systems and chaos theories. They are inherently unpredictable and subject to great change from small events. But I would like to think I can occasionally offer some insight from one of those many hard-earned lessons to others like me who are learning humility one encounter at a time.

I can be contacted at bobk@discipline5.com if you’re interested in learning more about my views on effective management or how Fifth Discipline can help you improve the way you manage your teams.


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