We all work at the Gap

I was just getting ready to write a post about how employees need to be better educated about why profits for the company are not only good for you, but provide the job security that you need.  Then, I read this

I was fascinated to read that CostCo checkout staff are paid more than Apple Store employees.  I realize there are probably other perks that go along with being an Apple employee (Lord, I hope there’s at least a discount on all their devices!) but this is a company that was just valuated as the biggest company in the world, market cap-wise, surpassing Exxon-Mobil if I remember right.

So your front line employees that interact with your customer base every day – fix their problems, answer their questions, represent your brand, and generally make you money, don’t warrant a slightly higher pay scale than other ‘run of the mill’ retail outlets that are just trying to get by and weather this economy.   I suspect that there are also employees at Apple who NEVER interact with your customers, who are making 5 or 6 times as much per hour as the Apple Store folks.

Now THAT’S a Gap…

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