You say you want a resolution, well you know…

I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity at the close of 2011 to participate in the time-honored tradition of issuing “New Year’s Resolution” proclamations, otherwise known as pretending people can change for the better.  Still, this is no time for cynicism, so here are some things that I know I can absolutely work on and improve in 2012 and hopefully many of you in leadership roles can do the same.  And remember, like any “improvement program” – twelve step or otherwise – the first step is always admitting you have a problem…

  1. I will arrive at meetings on time – it seems that a recent and increasingly popular trend is to arrive at meetings late and demonstratively harried from the meeting you just attended that ran over.  But just remember that, operating under the assumption that your input at the meeting was valued in the first place, the boost to your ego from being “busier” than everyone else is trounced by the productivity hit that the other 9 attendees just took while they waited for you, especially now that Fantasy Football is over.
  2. I will NOT multitask while I am having an actual conversation with a live human being – sadly, this is a tough one.  Between the opportunities to sneak a peak at an email, text message, or other communication, and the likelihood I am already planning to disagree or ignore what the other person is saying, I am going to have to stay “laser focused” to pull this off.   My strategy is to face the speaker, turn my cell phone face down on the table, close my laptop, and make eye contact.  I realize this is a ‘stretch goal’ for many of us, but imagine how good you’d feel if that’s how you were treated when you were talking…
  3. I will accept regrets and hindsight for what they are: datapoints – As I reflect on 2011, there are definitely some things I would have done differently.  By definition, that comes as part of hindsight.  And often, hindsight’s charming companion, regret, comes along for the ride.  I think the key to self-improvement as a leader is to marry hindsight and regret in wedded bliss with pattern recognition, a key sophistication of human intelligence.   Let the past go and don’t dwell on it UNTIL you see a similar pattern emerging.  Have your private “aha” moment and then take a different tack than you did last time and see if you can’t end up with a better outcome.

imageThat’s only three.  Anyone have a resolution or two to add to the list???

Happy 2012 y’all…

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2 Comments on “You say you want a resolution, well you know…”

  1. ilyal Says:

    Here’s mine: stop being a fucking joker. I apologize for the f-bomb, i can’t take flak for it (or credit):

  2. Matt Matlosz Says:

    Bob, one of mine is to always include an agenda in any meeting invite. My stretch goal here is to have the goal of the meeting listed as well.

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