The Road Ahead


Last week, I officially signed the paperwork to form a new, larger consulting company called the BrightStreet Group with three partners, Pete Richardson, Shane Jordan, and Jason Welch.  One of the many things we hope to do to help our clients is to align technology and business goals more closely.

It seems to me that between social media, cloud computing, CRM, mobility, virtual workers, highly interactive websites, legacy system rewrites, system consolidation, and collaboration, there is no limit to what an organization could spend on technology initiatives.  But do all those things make business sense for everyone?  Just because everyone else is doing it, does your business need a Facebook page?  Or no data center?  Or a CRM system that acts as the center of your application universe??

One of the few things that I am certain of is that the answers to those questions is not the same for every business.  At the same time, the pressure to invest your technology budgets wisely and demonstrate real business value back for those investments has never been greater, right when the number of places where you can invest is growing faster than ever.


We all blame scope creep and bad estimating as the top two culprits for technology project cost and schedule overruns.  But I think there’s a silent third burglar in that group.  That sly thief is technology leading business around by its nose.

I have been in quite a few meetings lately where technologists start talking, tossing around caveats, acronyms, constraints and rationales, and the business folks get the same look on their faces that I get when my auto mechanic starts explaining to me why the noise coming from the rear passenger side of my car is going to take 3 days to fix and cost $1200.  I nod, pretend to understand, and get out my checkbook because I need my car back and he knows it…

But what if my mechanic asked me what I used my car for, how far I typically drive in a week, how tolerant I am of minor noises, whether my life insurance is paid up, and what else I am thinking of spending the $1200 on??   And what if he had a different fix that was more suited to my personal needs?

On a muggy summer evening, isn’t is great to dream…?

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3 Comments on “The Road Ahead”

  1. Jason Clishe Says:

    Congrats Bob! Please send my congrats to Jason, Pete, and Shane.

  2. Dave Stein Says:

    Well said. And congratulations.

  3. Sounds like an awesome service that will save companies tons.

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